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    WebDisc Website-to-CD Copying Service

    WebDisc Web-to-CD Copying

    A WebDisc™ is a static, self-contained, serverless copy of your website on a CD or DVD.  Why?  WebDiscs are:
    • Perfectly portable
    • Perfectly reliable
    • Perfectly secure
    WebDisc are perfect, functioning, verbatim copies of a website, which makes them ideal for legal, archival, and marketing purposes.

    WebDisc Applications

    • Legal:  WebDisc copies are a valuable evidentiary resource when preparing for litigation and can serve as documentary evidence of the exact contents of a site.
    • Archiving:  WebDiscs are static snapshots of a site, making them perfect for archival and document rentention purposes.
    • Marketing:  You can distribute your website directly to customers, or equip your sales team with a website copy they can use in the field.
    • Copyright:  WebDisc copies make excellent copyright registration deposits, protecting your rights in both the actual files and the viewable (displayed) content of your site.
    Learn more about WebDisc...

    We can create complete copies of most small- to medium-sized websites within a day or two.  Larger sites may require more time. Obtaining a quote for time and cost to create a WebDisc copy of any site is easy:  just click here to submit a quote request.  We will evaluate the site and deliver a quote to you by email, usually within a few hours. 

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