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    Version History

    Version 1.72, Sep 23 2015

    Improved parser, handles strings in scripts better
    Removed known problem scripts (jquery, addthis) from rewrite process
    Updated company contact information

    Version 1.71, Jul 07 2015

    Improved parser, handles jquery better
    Fixed bug with HTTPS system, would break connection early with some servers

    Version 1.70, Jan 13 2014

    Improved parser, added more site icon handlers
    Improved parser, handles unexpected quotes, triple-quotes properly
    Fixed bug with scheduler, would revert run-after-project items to arbitrary item on list

    Version 1.69, Jul 23 2013

    Added automatic UTF-16 conversion for link-containing files
    Fixed bug, some inline styles not rewritten correctly
    Fixed bug, CSS imports could be skipped in some cases

    Version 1.68, Oct 15 2012

    Improved script parsing to perform better link identification

    Version 1.67, Sep 13 2012

    Improved server handling, properly resolves content even when server sends wrong MIME type
    Improved script parsing to perform better link identification
    Improved script parsing to omit common fail expressions in jquery, sizzle, and google analytics
    Fixed bug, exported home page could fail to link properly when file extensions are hidden by the OS
    Fixed bug, URLs containing both single and double quotes would be rewritten improperly
    Fixed bug, charset rewrite could fail to accommodate quoted values on some pages

    Version 1.66, May 02 2012

    Improved first-response diagnostic messages for projects that stop before getting files
    Improved inline style handling
    Fixed bug, some embedded source files (e.g., audio via playlists) were treated as objects rather than resources

    Version 1.65, Feb 06 2012

    Improved script parser to handle more modern link varieties
    Fixed bug, script parser could misidentify some strings as URLs

    Version 1.64, Sep 05 2011

    Added new script source file parser
    Improved script parsing and rewriting, added escaped string handling and better expression matching
    Fixed bug, could fail to rewrite some CSS files after project is complete

    Version 1.63, Mar 03 2011

    Improved CSS rewriting for better compatibility with IE, Chrome, and Safari (changed placement of relink tags)

    Version 1.62, Apr 08 2010

    Improved File Extensions filter, now applies against both URL-based extension and calculated (content type) extension
    Added PDF content type check
    Updated Netiquette system to impersonate latest IE and Firefox browsers
    Fixed bug, links in UTF-8 pages not properly processed where charset designation was only in HTTP header
    Fixed bug, content type extensions could fail to be applied where URL has query after extension
    Fixed bug, content type extensions could be doubly-applied where URL has encoded extension
    Fixed bug, Wizard would not apply PDF and Documents types

    Version 1.61, Sep 24 2009

    Added PDF and Documents types to Add menu for built-in retrieval types
    Added Retrieved Size Limit to Ultra and VLX (this feature was already in Exec and Exec/VLX)
    Improved Exec reporting system, increased report speed for projects with excessive depths
    Improved Ultra/Exec meta tagging system, puts original url and date tags within the head region
    Improved interface, now provides more specific feedback and diagnosis for first connect errors
    Fixed bug in naming system, could assign doubled extension for
    Fixed bug in Exec, command /prb with option "i" implies option "h"
    Fixed bug, project could occasionally fail to start, returning "cannot connect" error
    Updated program and documentation to reflect new company contact information
    Reset trial period for all versions

    Version 1.60, Mar 18 2009

    Improved browser compatibility mode to add zip, doc, avi, mov, mpg, mp3, xml extensions for files that need them
    Fixed bug, Clear Project Database in Exec could cause modal dialog if used without a run option

    Version 1.59, Feb 06 2009

    Added ability to accept error pages as actual content in Ultra and larger spiders
    Added ability to set file modification date to match the server-reported file modification date (where available)
    Improved HTTP system to detect wider range of redirections

    Version 1.58, Jan 15 2009

    Improved HTTPS system, added security protocol switching to accommodate SSLv3 servers (for HTTPS-enabled spiders)
    Improved rewrite system, detects and fixes incorrect file extensions for embedded types, required to compensate for IE bug
    Reset trial period for all versions

    Version 1.57, Sep 04 2008

    Fixed bug, Exec generates /prh option incorrectly using /m command
    Fixed bug, Exec /a (abort) and /s (stop) commands fail when used without id

    Version 1.56, Aug 04 2008

    Improved interface, removed useless checkbox for choosing time limit (zero = no limit)
    Fixed bug, script parser could pick up partial strings with invalid domains
    Fixed bug, time limit would not apply if changed for first time in project that was already run
    Improved Exec API, added advanced properties to response files generated with /m command

    Version 1.55, May 23 2008

    Improved crawl system, treats meta refresh tags as an additional depth level except when coming from a starting page
    Improved crawl system, omits stylesheet resources as if they are embedded files, if they cannot contain links
    Added to Exec API, /prq command for specifying keyword match options
    Added to Exec API, /pry command for specifying HTTP referrer string
    Added to Exec API, /o command for clearing project database without running
    Improved Exec API, allows specifying project name or ID as part of stop/abort commands
    Fixed bug in Exec, /m command generating erronous /prri line in projects with nondefault Retry Incomplete setting

    Version 1.54, Apr 09 2008

    Added to Exec API, allowed /ne and /nd commands to specify URLs directly; /nd fields regenerated automatically when using /m command
    Added to Exec API, /nt command now specifies title, /m command generates title field
    Added to Exec API, /prs command now allows specification of user types title
    Improved Exec API, removed empty alias and inclusion specifications from response files generated with /m command
    Fixed bug, /prf command failed to include newline when generated using /m

    Version 1.53, Mar 24 2008

    Improved parser; discontinued failed terminating quote authoring error check, because current browsers no longer do this
    Updated manual; added note about sequential crawling, and noted extended boundary options for Ultra and VLX

    Version 1.52, Mar 10 2008

    Added depth-first exploration to VLX
    Improved /m response file generation in Exec to add inclusions, aliases, and titles for starting addresses
    Fixed bug, percentage complete reported incorrectly for very large files

    Version 1.51, Dec 28 2007

    Updated manual to explain regular expression syntax for inclusions and exclusions
    Fixed bug, regular expression octal and hexadecimal escapes not properly handled in inclusions/exclusions

    Version 1.50, Oct 31 2007

    Improved interface, plus sign in inclusion/exclusion patterns matches plus or space
    Improved HTML parser, now handles UTF-8 Byte Order Mark files
    Improved file and directory naming system, uses appropriate character set translations
    Fixed bug, hovering over tooltips on Scheduler toolbar buttons could cause the Scheduler to shut down

    Version 1.49, Jul 16 2007

    Improved scheduler, shuts down cleanly on system shutdown or restart
    Fixed Exec manual, status codes 731-733 were named incorrectly
    Fixed bug, proxied HTTPS through Apache mod_proxy could fail if proxy breaks CONNECT response across multiple packets

    Version 1.48, Jul 10 2007

    Fixed bug, embedded sources were improperly treated as frame sources
    Fixed bug, scheduler would not run batch files
    Fixed bug, removed port designation in Host field; this confuses some servers

    Version 1.47, Apr 24 2007

    Improved browser compatibility mode to add pdf, css, png extensions for files that need them
    Fixed bug in Ultra and VLX, new boundary option was reset after starting address properties were edited
    Reset trial period for all versions

    Version 1.46, Mar 26 2007

    Added "null boundary" option to Ultra and larger spiders
    Improved rewrite system to avoid using javascript in link contexts where it cannot be used
    Fixed bug, deleting starting addresses in Teleport Ultra could cause inclusion and alias properties to be lost or mismatched

    Version 1.45, Mar 01 2007

    Fixed bug in new scheduler that would repeatedly start items set on a monthly schedule
    Fixed compatibility issue between Pro and new scheduler

    Version 1.44, Feb 21 2007

    Added new Teleport Scheduler (already used by Ultra and VLX) to Teleport Pro for improved compatibility with Vista
    Added printable PDF version of manual and tutorial to Pro, Ultra, and VLX
    Changed Help system to use PDF manual

    Version 1.43, Jan 08 2007

    Improved interface, Show Only New button now shows files that are new dating from the first run of the current session, or from the first run of the previous session if the project has not yet run in the current session
    Fixed bug, empty url() CSS attribute could cause parser to skip following document sections

    Version 1.42, Oct 09 2006

    Improved rewrite system, removes Mark of the Web automatically
    Fixed bug, single-quoted attributes sometimes improperly parsed
    Fixed bug, subdirectory boundaries improperly calculated when crawling local hard drive
    Fixed bug, CSS files still saved even though "retrieve only names" property was enabled
    Fixed bug, failed to find local files using links encoded with escape sequences

    Version 1.41, Jun 23 2006

    Added "Animation" as a predefined file retrieval type
    Added Cancel button to temporary message box, makes it easier to cancel looping projects
    Improved XML detection and handling
    Improved CSS parser, skips multiline comments
    Fixed bug, could paste HTTPS or invalid addresses into projects for non-HTTPS-capable spiders
    Fixed bug, could mistakenly add charset header to CSS files

    Version 1.40, Feb 06 2006

    Added support for IE conditionals (Microsoft-specific HTML markup) to HTML parser
    Fixed bug, HTML parser could mistakenly treat non-stylesheet alternate links as stylesheets
    Fixed bug, some out-of-range HTTP dates could cause a crash

    Version 1.39, Jan 19 2006

    Added ability to requeue files automatically when receiving circular redirects with cookies
    Added user control over Internet Explorer integration (enable/disable from File menu)
    Added ability to control HTML charset modifications in Ultra and larger spiders
    Added ability to add original URL and date/time stamp meta tag in Ultra and larger spiders
    Added ability to bind to specific local IP address for Exec and Exec/VLX
    Improved "Add to Teleport" system to get correct URL from message-rewritten links
    Improved ability to handle idiosyncratic server redirects (e.g., blank locations)
    Improved browser integration: removes context menu when last running instance closes
    Changed "set default properties" message to be more accurate (Wizard overrides only some properties)
    Updated documentation and helpfiles for all programs to reflect new features

    Version 1.38, Oct 13 2005

    Improved script parser to more accurately detect links in scripts
    Improved evaluation system to allow independent trials for different users

    Version 1.37, Sep 29 2005

    Improved project loader to prevent fatal errors when loading corrupted project files
    Improved parser to perform better filtering on script expressions
    Improved java parser, now filters badly formed applets and things that are not applets

    Version 1.35, Sep 26 2005

    Added ability to use replaceable macros ($URL, $FILE, $HOST) in Extra Headers for Ultra and larger spiders
    Improved parser, now correctly handles encoded mailto and other non-explorable links
    Improved parser, now more accurately detects playlists and other linking media
    Improved Exec reporting, now reports bad (circular) redirections
    Improved installer and interface, removed useless shell extensions for Pro project files
    Fixed bug, cached DNS entries for sites with dynamic IPs could go bad; DNS cache now cleared across sessions to prevent this
    Fixed bug, playlist parser could loop endlessly on particularly badly formatted files
    Fixed bug, spiders and scheduler now respond correctly to taskbar mousebutton notifications
    Reset trial period for all versions

    Version 1.34, Jul 23 2005

    Added ability to specify all fields (title, boundary, inner depth, outer depth, account, password) when importing starting addresses in Ultra and larger spiders
    Fixed bug, CSS files larger than 64k in size were not being parsed or saved
    Fixed bug, Ultra/VLX Scheduler would not set launch on restart if system was restarted before the Scheduler could close
    Fixed bug, Ultra/VLX "synchronized" project would attempt relinking even when unnecessary

    Version 1.33, Jun 09 2005

    Added ability to specify titles when importing starting addresses in Ultra and larger spiders
    Updated help files
    Reset trial period for all versions

    Version 1.32, May 11 2005

    Improved parser, does more thorough analysis for detecting parseable files (won't skip file if type is unknown)
    Improved browser compatibility, renames css files automatically where necessary
    Fixed bug, some unreadable files were attempted to be parsed, resulting in slower performance

    Version 1.31, May 04 2005

    Improved interface, local URLs added using file:// notation are decoded
    Changed "MSIE-compatible" to "browser-compatible" in Project Properties dialog box
    Fixed bug, some imported style sheets would be retrieved but not parsed

    Version 1.30, Apr 21 2005

    Added depth-first exploration switch to Ultra and larger spiders
    Added CSS parsing and rewriting; Teleport now gets all CSS resources including imported style sheets
    Added M3U and other playlist parsing and rewriting
    Added right-click context menu "Add to Teleport" entry in Internet Explorer, for adding starting addresses
    Improved uninstaller, will automatically close spider, scheduler before removing software
    Improved uninstaller, performs a more complete uninstallation
    Fixed bug, Run Sequentially could be checked even when not selected

    Version 1.29.2091, Feb 03 2005

    Improved interface, now accepts "file:///" versions of local filesystem (hard drive) URLs as starting addresses
    Fixed bug, interface and spider now accept cased variants of protocols (e.g., Http://) in URLs
    Updated help files to reflect that local and network filesystems can be crawled

    Version 1.29.2085, Dec 07 2004

    Reset trial period for Ultra and all unregistered users

    Version 1.29.2081, Nov 11 2004

    Fixed bug, some nonhtml files could be downloaded even if the parent page didn't contain a required keyword
    Fixed bug, HTML parser could fail properly to read scripts containing unclosed quoted strings

    Version 1.29.2079, Oct 21 2004

    Improved early non-html page detection; now rejects unwanted non-pages more quickly
    Fixed bug, home page export could use backslashes in generated paths
    Fixed bug, embedded files could be downloaded for pages that didn't contain keywords

    Version 1.29.2074, Aug 30 2004

    Fixed bug, charset handling had failed for all except UTF-8 character sets

    Version 1.29.2073, Aug 26 2004

    Improved server negotiation technique, added default Accept-Language header specification to all HTTP requests
    Reset trial period for Ultra

    Version 1.29.2071, Aug 23 2004

    Added "are you sure" message box to verify before closing main window while project is running
    Improved type handling, fixes PDF extensions if necessary
    Improved charset handling, now inserts or modifies charset designation in HTML where server specifies different charset
    Fixed bug, New Project Wizard could allow user to go back to page 3 for project types that don't use page 3

    Version 1.29.2052, May 05 2004

    Added ability to fix some corrupted projects when project is loaded
    Improved HTML rewriting, won't add markup if document already has a document type identifier
    Fixed bug in SSL versions, could fail to read HTTP header if server sends first response in large chunk
    Fixed bug, could perform unnecessary connectivity check when project is re-run after failed connection occurred in previous session
    Fixed bug, relink messages could cause script errors where relink URL contained double quotes
    Fixed bug in Exec and Exec/VLX, total size limit was incorrectly calculated and could shrink project folder much lower than expected size

    Version 1.29.2050, Feb 24 2004

    Fixed bug, HTML parser could skip some links in elements having some link-creating events in attributes preceding the link

    Version 1.29.2041, Feb 23 2004

    Added ability to specify URL in custom message (in Ultra and larger spiders with custom messaging capability)
    Improved ability to resolve script-created links correctly
    Fixed bug in HTTPS system that prevented establishing connection with some SSL servers under Windows NT 4.0
    Fixed bug, some object parameter values incorrectly rewritten when not retrieved
    Reset trial period for Ultra

    Version 1.29.2020, Jan 16 2004

    Improved interface, saves new projects in last saved project location, rather than using buggy Windows default
    Fixed bug, java applet archive linked incorrectly when directory structure preservation is enabled

    Version 1.29.2018, Jan 09 2004

    Fixed bug, java applet archive and codebased resource links incorrectly translated

    Version 1.29.2014, Jan 01 2004

    Fixed bug, embedded javascript links not rewritten if link is unresolved when page is loaded

    Version 1.29.2012, Dec 23 2003

    Fixed bug, HTML sent with XML extension not getting renamed correctly
    Fixed bug, files not retrieved when url path became less precise with depth (bug introduced in v1.29.1989)

    Version 1.29.2003, Dec 08 2003

    Added ability to specify default project properties
    Fixed bug, relinker not working properly with scripted links (esp. in 8.3 mode)
    Fixed bug, javascript messages sometimes not properly delimited
    Fixed bug, applet and object parameter links incorrectly marked as image links

    Version 1.29.2001, Dec 01 2003

    Added multiple selection capability to the Scheduler
    Added drag-and-drop capability to the Scheduler
    Improved script parsing speed
    Improved Scheduler, will only ask to be sure about exiting if something is actually scheduled
    Fixed bug introduced in 1.29.1995, HTTPS nonfunctional in SSL-enabled versions
    Fixed bug, Scheduler would display "just once" date in local format but only read dates in m/d/y format
    Fixed bug, Scheduler wouldn't remove autostart setting in system registry
    Fixed bug, Exec would not convert tpp projects automatically
    Fixed bug, inclusions and aliases could fail on some patterns beginning with "."
    Updated Exec documentation

    Version 1.29.1995, Nov 11 2003

    Added ability for Ultra, VLX, Exec, Exec/VLX to open smaller-format projects (i.e., tpp and tpu files)
    Added ability to run projects on UNC volumes
    Added API commands for new features to Exec and Exec/VLX
    Updated documentation for all spiders
    Improved script parser, handles more script commands
    Improved rules engine, will no longer parse HTML sent in response to embedded source request
    Fixed bug, was retrieving some unrequired link sources
    Reset trial period for Ultra

    Version 1.29.1990, Oct 03 2003

    Fixed bug, aliases and inclusions not working in Ultra and VLX in v1.29.1989

    Version 1.29.1989, Sep 23 2003

    Improved script parser, could fail to find scripted links having query components
    Fixed bug, Ultra and VLX were looking for old help files
    Reset trial period for Ultra

    Version 1.29.1987, Sep 19 2003

    Released Teleport Ultra, updated Exec and VLX to incorporate new capabilities including HTTPS
    Added program-specific help for Ultra and VLX
    Improved rewrite capability to accommodate SVG (scalable vector graphics) files
    Improved interface, added new GUI style for XP systems
    Improved optimum starting address properties search
    Improved IE impersonation
    Fixed bug, restoring from system tray could fail to put window in foreground
    Fixed bug, redirected starting address properties not always followed correctly
    Fixed bug, 8.3 linking option could leave many links in "pending_relink" state

    Version 1.29.1981, Jul 20 2003

    Improved interface, prevents you from excluding starting addresses
    Fixed bug, script parser could crash when reading some badly formed scripts
    Fixed bug, files having URLs with paths containing doubled slashes were not saved

    Version 1.29.1979, Jul 02 2003

    Improved applet handler to detect file-based resources more accurately
    Fixed bug introduced in 1.29.1967, HTML pages only explored erroneously appeared in file list
    Fixed bug, project could become corrupted when copying site(s) with many identical filenames
    Fixed bug, java applets could be incorrectly codebased
    Added note about zero disabling the free space check, in the free space dialog
    Reset trial period for all unregistered users

    Version 1.29.1972, May 07 2003

    Improved script parser, handles image source files better
    Improved script parser, handles more script commands
    Fixed bug, new version would not open some projects created with older versions

    Version 1.29.1967, Mar 24 2003

    NEW! Added folder synchronization feature to VLX versions
    NEW! Added inclusions to VLX versions
    NEW! Added server aliases to VLX versions
    Improved parser, recognizes more script commands and coding variants
    Improved java handling to accommodate more class types and security mechanisms
    Fixed bug, VLX version would not relink all HTML files
    Fixed bug, relinking broken in v1.29.1963 for some URLs

    Version 1.29.1963, Jan 18 2003

    Improved interface, added "open with" and "properties" commands to file context menu
    Improved parser, handles more script commands
    Added order form email button
    Updated retrieval types list to use more current filetype extensions
    Fixed bug, would report wrong error message when file association was broken

    Version 1.29.1959, Jan 06 2003

    Improved parser, handles comments more effectively
    Improved parser, handles even more script commands
    Improved wizard interface, handles authenticated URLs better
    Improved interface, gives cleaner end-of-project message when updating
    Fixed bug, files could be assigned incorrect status on update when using minimum file size requirement
    Fixed bug, some authenticated URLs improperly parsed

    Version 1.29.1952, Nov 05 2002

    Increased keyword filter limit to 65000 characters
    Improved parser, handles many more script commands
    Improved install/uninstall to remove old registry data
    Changed layout system to avoid filling registry with old data
    Fixed bug, input image sources were treated like frame source in some cases
    Fixed bug, some script rewrites could cause malformed HTML in some cases

    Version 1.29.1949, Oct 24 2002

    Added drag-and-drop capability from file list pane
    Fixed bug, minimize to system tray didn't work with Windows-M command

    Version 1.29.1946, Sep 30 2002

    Added handler for authenticated urls in http://user:pass@domain format
    Improved script parser to handle more script commands
    Improved interface, can now delete from tree or list using Delete key

    Version 1.29.1938, Sep 26 2002

    Added minimize-to-system-tray capability
    Improved interface, catches incorrect proxy information
    Improved interface, removed unused company field from registration area
    Fixed bug, free space calculation failed on WinXP and 2000
    Reset 40 use period for all unregistered users

    Version 1.29.1932, Aug 14 2002

    Added first-request failure notice, to help diagnose problems
    Improved script parser to handle more event-driven code and URL patterns
    Fixed bug, 1926 build required DLL missing on some systems

    Version 1.29.1926, Aug 06 2002

    Added "wait for all servers" switch for same-server query delay in project properties
    Improved interface, deleting files in folder tree no longer loses window focus
    Fixed bug, 1.29.1911 interface would not correctly recognize local URLs with uppercase drive letters

    Version 1.29.1911, Jun 15 2002

    Improved interface, deleting files no longer performs complete list refresh or loses window focus
    Changed default copy type to "everything" for projects created by the New Project Wizard
    Fixed bug, program would lose focus when "delete" command was used
    Fixed bug, 1.29.1886+ interface would present invalid boundary options for paths to local files

    Version 1.29.1904, Jun 07 2002

    Fixed bug, some large HTML files incorrectly spooled
    Fixed bug, interface would present invalid associations list for URLs with query parameters
    Fixed bug, could fail to delete project folder or spooling folder under some conditions with Windows 98SE
    Fixed bug, download percentages reported incorrectly for spooled files
    Fixed bug, some nonspooled files improperly saved or missing
    Fixed bug, reported incorrect "files saved" figure

    Version 1.29.1886, Jun 04 2002

    Added spooling capability for large files
    Added authenticated URL support, now allows URLs in form "http://acct:pwd@site.com"
    Improved URL parser, which improperly converted double slashes to fix authoring errors; unnecessary
    Improved URL parser, now converts SGML entities using corrected IE 5.0+ rules
    Improved cookie handler, resolved potential cookie ordering problem
    Changed default identity to Internet Explorer to resolve growing IE-only server issues
    Changed default update options to update only HTML, too many unnecessary updates otherwise

    Version 1.29.1847, May 09 2002

    Added cookie support; now accepts and returns cookies during exploration
    Added limited javascript support; now parses standard script commands that access URLs
    Added XML file support
    Improved robots.txt support; now allows filename exclusions
    Improved directory replication, solved problem with hex-escape sequences in path names
    Improved interface, tab key now switches between panes
    Modified project, doubled chars allowed for custom identity, small increases for other fields
    Modified clock check to allow more change in local clock before error
    Modified registration system to allow credit cards expiring after 2004
    Modified registration system to allow multiple users on same machine without re-registering
    Updated program, help files to include new company address/phone/fax

    Version 1.29.1820, Jan 28 2002

    Improved faulty server support, now correctly closes connection on servers that send unmodified files
    Fixed bug, could read incorrect location or file size from some headers, bug occurred in v1.29.1718

    Version 1.29.1718, Nov 21 2001

    Added embedded shockwave movie support, for movies embedded in object contexts
    Added file associations to context menu for downloaded files
    Added optional title to Starting Address properties
    Added ability to force Referrer field in http requests
    Improved interface, changed null date display to blank instead of 1/1/1970
    Improved fault tolerance, fixes content type for broken servers such as Netscape

    Version 1.29.1634, Oct 07 2001

    Improved FTP retrieval, now correctly translates hex-encoded URLs read from HTML

    Version 1.29.1632, Sep 21 2001

    Fixed bug, relinker could fail to write correct link message for some keyword-excluded files
    Reset 40 use period for all unregistered users

    Version 1.29.1616, Jul 23 2001

    Improved relinking system, now uses predictive linkage where script messages can't be used
    Fixed bug, javascript and css source files could get htm extension if server said the files were HTML
    Fixed bug, disabling embedded file retrieval could prevent script and style sources from being retrieved
    Fixed bug, javascript parser generated errors in some cases
    Fixed bug, some files failed to get .htm extension even when MSIE-compatible names was enabled
    Reset 40 use period for all unregistered users

    Version 1.29.1590, Dec 14 2000

    Added Depth setting to New Project Wizard
    Added script source file retrieval and relinking capability
    Improved new project creation, now recommends a desirable project name
    Improved name collision detector, now resolves local name collisions significantly faster
    Improved filenaming system, now can handle converting excessively long URLs to valid filenames
    Changed behavior, frame source files now not retrieved unless they meet all other retrieval properties
    Fixed bug, some local filename collisions were not correctly resolved
    Fixed bug, some files could not be saved with Preserve Directory Structure enabled
    Removed mostly unused Starting Address Title feature
    Switched to major version/minor version numbers instead of build numbers

    Version 1.29.1530, Sep 11 2000

    Changed company contact information in program and help files to reflect new tech support and fax numbers

    Version 1.29.1422, May 23 2000

    Added Add to Favorites feature
    Improved Copy Url feature, now can copy multiple urls
    Improved relinking system, now much faster at managing very tightly linked sites (>100 links per page)
    Improved disk free space calculation, now works around Win95 OSR2 bug
    Improved automatic proxy configuration to handle new Win98-style proxy setup
    Fixed bug, could choose incorrect boundary when starting address is redirected
    Fixed bug, server-side image map with '?' in name pinged incorrectly

    Version 1.29.1107, Jul 13 1999

    Added automatic proxy configuration
    Improved same server query delay, now delays only when requesting more than two files (server speeds have generally improved)
    Fixed bug, local-to-local project would omit drive letter when copying files with directory structure
    Fixed bug, addresses with null query schemes not properly requested
    Fixed bug, some addresses with odd canonical representations failed to relink properly

    Version 1.29.1025, Apr 22 1999

    Improved interface, prevents temporary message box from appearing when main window is not in foreground
    Improved server compatibility, detects when server requires older URL encodings and submits accordingly
    Fixed bug, keyword-limited projects could display non-matching files in right-hand pane

    Version 1.29.976, Mar 04 1999

    Improved parser, added CSS link source identifier/relinker
    Fixed bug, relinker would botch some very long urls

    Version 1.29.974, Mar 02 1999

    Fixed bug, relinker would botch relinks for unknown protocols

    Version 1.29.949, Feb 05 1999

    Modified same-server query delay timing to avoid bottlenecking on fast single thread response
    Improved HTTP/1.1 server compatibility, some servers (e.g., Oracle) choke on HTTP/1.0 requests without Host specification
    Fixed scheduler bug, schedule with disconnect could invoke dialer when none was requested
    Fixed scheduler bug, schedule properties could insist on valid start time when none was required

    Version 1.29.933, Jan 20 1999

    Improved compatibility with IE 4.0; IE erroneously decanonicalizes disk-based filenames, so Teleport compensates by altering filenames
    Improved same-server query timing; earlier versions were querying too quickly
    Fixed bug, projects launched with high depth and then restarted with low depth could still retrieve out-of-depth files

    Version 1.29.856, Dec 14 1998

    Improved relinker -- now relinks to Javascript messages instead of to HTML pages
    Fixed bug, some extended circular relinks could cause the relinker to loop

    Version 1.29.772, Aug 12 1998

    Added FTP retrieval support for files linked to FTP servers from web pages; authentication support not yet implemented
    Added option to allow confirmation before automatically disconnecting
    Added large volume support -- now handles free space properly for >2GB partitions
    Added default project directory support
    Added OBJECT link recognition for ActiveX support
    Fixed bug, server-side maps not correctly resolved when multiple maps were close together on a single page

    Version 1.28, Jul 18 1997

    Added compatibility with HTML STYLE codes
    Fixed bug, scheduler could fail to start Teleport Pro under NT
    Fixed bug, redirection link resolution could corrupt database
    Fixed bug, old-style java codebase addresses incorrectly resolved

    Version 1.27, Mar 06 1997

    Added Enable All, Disable All commands
    Added last view save (details/list) for file list
    Fixed bug, image map pinging could crash trying to locate pending address
    Fixed bug, scheduler could fail to locate schedule and help files if started in wrong path

    Version 1.26, Feb 27 1997

    Added end-of-project relinking -- now relinks all remaining files automatically
    Improved parser -- now handles multiple source files in single clauses (e.g., SRC plus LOWSRC)
    Improved forms exploration -- added more compatibility for forms with known data
    Improved forms exploration -- now automatically externalizes links for forms it can't explore (so those forms will work offline)
    Fixed bug, parser improperly handled single quotes when relinking
    Fixed bug, could drain system resources when several html files were relinked at once
    Fixed bug, some java addresses incorrectly resolved

    Version 1.25, Feb 21 1997

    NEW: Built-in scheduler -- can run projects automatically at any time, using any connection
    NEW: Command-line options provide greater control over project sessions
    Improved parser leniency -- now accepts improperly terminated fields
    Improved forms exploration -- now can navigate POST forms
    Improved exploration -- decodes SGML and ISO-8859 entities in addresses
    Changed Start button behavior -- queues both new and old files for retrieval in same session
    Fixed bug, file patterns matched improperly on names with multiple periods
    Fixed bug, would not get forms if forms exploration enabled (!)
    Fixed bug, Pause command would not halt thread allocation
    Reset 40 use period for all unregistered users

    Version 1.24, Jan 08 1997

    Fixed bug, could add double-period to filenames without extensions, when adding .htm extension
    Fixed bug, could crash trying to locate owner of unowned page

    Version 1.23

    Added project database loading progress/cancellation dialog
    Improved redirection handling -- handles redirections of all types transparently
    Improved Update behavior -- now checks file date in addition to server update notification
    Changed retrieval queuing priority to queue server-side maps last
    Fixed bug, redirected starting pages not displayed in tree
    Fixed bug, Delete could delete unrelated addresses

    Version 1.22

    Added Apache 1.1.1 server compatibility (server sends improper header; TP compensates)
    Improved Netscape compatibility -- opens only single instance of Netscape for browsing
    Improved parser leniency, now accepts singlequoted fields
    Fixed bug, failed to display error message when first site is unreachable
    Fixed bug, could not edit address properties if starting page not selected

    Version 1.21

    NEW: Consistent folder/file metaphor; operations on folders extend to linked (contained) files
    Added Update Now command
    Added Open from Internet command
    Added command-line arguments to run, update, and not-run projects when opened
    Added disabled page icons
    Added dynamic Delete system, allows deleting while running
    Added build number to versioning system
    Improved Enable/Disable behavior -- disabled files are immediately dequeued
    Improved stopped project behavior -- relinks queued but abandoned files as necessary
    Changed build number to incremented counter
    Changed address properties behavior -- streamlined dialog, allowed for only starting addresses
    Changed open project behavior -- now displays all loaded files on open
    Fixed bug, failed to write directory names with invalid characters
    Fixed bug, incorrectly parsed some html comments
    Fixed bug, header parser could crash when receiving some files
    Fixed bug, image map pinging could crash if map boundaries were exceeded
    Fixed bug, image map pinging could fail to resolve links received out of order
    Fixed bug, Delete could delete unwanted files
    Fixed bug, automatic reconnection failed on some systems
    Fixed bug, files discarded for size mismatch were not treated as read
    Fixed bug, some html files were not treated as read

    Version 1.20

    NEW: Server-side image map exploration!
    NEW: Automatic connect, disconnect, reconnect system!
    NEW: Dynamic relinking system with HTML message pages, link externalization!
    NEW: DOS-style 8.3 filename linking!
    NEW: Microsoft-browser compatibility mode!
    NEW: Advanced http (v1.1+) compatibility!
    NEW: Exclusions system allows path and file type exclusions!
    NEW: Smart Start button automatically switches into Update mode as necessary
    NEW: What's New button displays only newly retrieved files
    NEW: Update specifications give greater control over which files are updated
    NEW: Default Robot Exclusion Standard compliance
    Added NT 3.51 file deletion system (does not use recycle bin)
    Added cut/copy/paste/clear commands for addresses
    Added minimum free space limit check
    Added server query delay system
    Added thread timeout system
    Added frame, toolbar state save across sessions
    Added Custom Identity field
    Added dynamic path, domain display in Address Properties
    Changed unregistered file limit to 200 files
    Fixed bug, could attempt to load POST forms with GET requests
    Fixed bug, could crash if asked to display deleted starting address
    Fixed bug, would load unnecessary files when Retrieve Names was enabled
    Fixed bug, NT and fast Win95 machines could crash due to race condition
    Fixed bug, could overwrite index.htm files if no filename given by server

    Version 1.13

    Added ability to send hidden field data for forms
    Fixed bug: base href improperly used on some pages

    Version 1.12

    Added ability to explore http-meta commands
    Improved lenient html parsing -- could stall on missing ending quotes
    Added bytes-received ThreadBar notifications for files that don't know final size

    Version 1.11

    Improved redirection handling, handles servers who break http spec

    Version 1.10

    NEW: Java class retrieval!
    NEW: More exploration depth settings (internal and external levels)!
    NEW: Local file retrieval (can explore files from local or network drives)!
    Indexed and added to help file, added full-text search support
    Improved redirection handler treats redirected page as same domain
    Added Open Project Folder command
    Added Shell Edit command
    Added enter key "open" command
    Added shift-enter key "view" command
    Added ctrl-enter key "edit" command
    Disabled delete command while running (could cause shutdown)
    Added Base Href bookmark support
    Added disabled file/folder markers
    Fixed bug, some folders displayed incomplete file lists
    Improved http request technique

    Version 1.09

    Added Base Href support
    Added browser-style HTTP signal support
    Added Shell View command
    Added Select All command
    Added delete key command
    Improved lenient HTML parsing
    Improved bookmark handling
    Increased file retrieval limit to 100 files
    Allowed disabling of maximum file size limitation (using size=0)
    Changed online help default to Not On Top
    Added warning message when project contains non-http starting addresses
    Fixed bug, file size could be incorrect if server failed to send size
    Fixed bug, some bookmarks translated incorrectly

    Version 1.08

    Added New Project Wizard, Scheduling descriptions to online help
    Fixed bug, Delete could incorrectly remove too many files

    Version 1.07

    Added retry-on-incomplete
    Added proxy authentication
    Added note to Wizard that link-site search only retrieves names
    Added continuous project refreshing, with time delay
    Added project time limit
    Added autoexit option, terminates program when project finishes
    Added autosaving with variable rate
    Fixed bug, Starting Address could disappear if its file was unavailable
    Fixed bug, some links were localized incorrectly when preserving directory structure

    Version 1.06

    Added lenient parsing, handling missing end quotes and other common authoring errors
    Fixed bug, some NT machines not connecting correctly at startup

    Version 1.05

    Fixed bug, files with illegal characters (e.g., ?) were not saved

    Version 1.04

    Fixed bug, proxy servers did not connect correctly at startup
    Fixed bug, refreshed files displayed "unknown" type

    Version 1.03

    Added ability to read and convert Internet Marauder projects

    Version 1.02

    Increased free usage period to 40 uses
    Updated Help files

    Version 1.01

    Fixed bug, graphics files saved incorrectly

    Version 1.00

    Initial release

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