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    Teleport Pro
    Version 1.72
    Price:  $49.95

    Teleport Pro Program Features

    • Supported under all Win32 systems, including Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. 
    • Cookie support lets Teleport mimic browsers more effectively
    • Javascript parsing capability for better, more thorough exploration of complex sites
    • Ten simultaneous retrieval threads get data at the fastest speeds possible
    • Reads HTML5, CSS3, and DHTML; performs some Javascript analysis
    • Can retrieve files from FTP servers
    • Full offline browsing and site mirroring capabilities
    • Project Scheduler lets you schedule projects to run at any time, on any connection.  You can even schedule projects to run in sequence, each new project beginning when the previous one finishes! 
    • Automatic connect/disconnect system lets Teleport handle dial-up Internet connections for you, saving phone charges and connection time
    • Java applet retrieval gets Java classes and base classes
    • Retrieval filters let you download only files matching desired type and size constraints
    • Independently configurable internal and external exploration depths
    • Server-side image map exploration -- translates server-side maps into client-side maps for offline browsing
    • Accesses password-protected sites
    • Full proxy server and firewall support
    • Domain Dispersed Querying™ ensures that slow servers do not affect retrieval speed
    • Server Overload Protection™ prevents remote servers from overloading and dropping connection early
    • Configurable Agent Identity allows Teleport Pro to impersonate popular browsers; gets data from even the stingiest servers

    Winner of
    PC Magazine's
    Editor's Choice
    Best of What's Left

    Wugnet/Microsoft: Best Choice
    Wugnet/Microsoft Best Choice

    ZDNet: 5 Stars
    ZDNet: 5 Stars

    Soft82: 5 of 5
    Soft82: 5 of 5

    software.informer: 5 Stars
    software.informer: 5 Stars

    Softpedia Pick: 5/5
    Softpedia: 5/5

    Brothersoft: Editor's Pick

    programosy.pl: 5 Stars

    Best Web Tool - Web Hosting Search
    WebhostingSearch: Best Web Tool

    SoftWorld: 5 Stars
    SoftWorld: 5 Stars

    WareSeeker: Editor's Pick

    Place77: 5 Stars
    Place77: 5 Stars

    FindMySoft: 5/5 Excellent
    FindMySoft: 5/5 Excellent

    TUCOWS: 4.5 Cows
    TUCOWS: 4.5 Cows

    SuperShareware: 5 stars
    SuperShareware: 5 Stars

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