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    Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc.
    Web Mining Products and Services

    Whether you want data from a single website, or from the entire Internet, our award-winning webspider technology is your solution.  From the world's most widely-distributed offline browser, to large-scale data retrieval services, we offer a broad range of screen scraping and webspider solutions.  Join over four million people from around the world who have trusted Tenmax products and services for their Internet data gathering needs. 

    Featured Products and ServicesOur new Teleport Ultra webspider is a midrange version of the award-winning Teleport Pro.  With expanded database capacity and enhanced exploration, filtering, and rewriting capabilities, Teleport Ultra takes teleporting to a whole new level.

    More Teleport Improvements:  Version 1.72 of our award-winning webspiders are fully compatible with Windows 95 through Windows 10.  We've also released a new printable PDF tutorial and manual for the Teleport spiders. Read more...

    WebDisc Web-to-CD Copying:  Using the same award-winning technology, and adding features like support for dynamic content, database-driven sites, Javascript, and XML, we can store your website or intranet on compact disc for marketing, sales support, e-catalog distribution, website backups, and many other uses.

    Latest NewsThe Teleport spiders have passed Windows 10 compatibility tests and are fully supported under Microsoft Windows 10.

    Also, we're pleased to announce that Teleport Pro has been inducted into the Microsoft/Wugnet Shareware Hall of Fame!

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